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#No 1 Online Digital Marketing Training In India

Google Ads Training Institute in Rajkot

Devweb Technology provides Best Google AdWords Training in Rajkot with live campaign experience & assistance on 3 Google Certifications.

          Google Ads is a form of online advertising in which websites are promoted by increasing their visibility in Search Engine Results Pages through advertising. In simple words, it is a process of gaining good website traffic with the help of purchasing ads on various search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

           A solid understanding of Google Ads is a true success of your digital marketing campaigns. Best Google Ads Training Courses Provided by Devweb Technology includes Certification Program in Google AdWords that trains you to implement the latest search engine marketing techniques to promote your brand on top search engines through paid search listing.

           In this advanced google ads program, you will learn and get knowledge about how to successfully run paid campaigns using Google AdWords including PPC campaigns, Remarketing, Video Ads, Shopping Ads, Gmail Ads & many more.

          This Advanced Google Ads Training course will teach you all the tricks to achieve your goal with Google Ads and gain effective results within the first 24 hrs. 

Course Content of Best Google Ads Training in Rajkot :

  • Google Ads Lectures from Basic to Professional level.
  • Video Lectures, E-books and  Certificate of Course completion.
  • Monthly Live Sessions for One on One Consulting and Doubts solving.
  • ₹20,000 Google Ads Promotional Code Free.
  • Google Ads Ultimate Secrets and Tactics.
  • Low Bidding/CPC Secrets and Strategies.
  • YouTube Ads (Video Ads) Proper Guide.
  • Perfect Ad Creatives (Images/Videos) Guide.
  • 3rd Party App Install Campaigns and Strategies.
  • Google Ads Account Suspension Permanent Solution.
  • 24×7 Chat and Email Support.
  • Automation with ChatGPT
  • Marketing Assets, Tools, Content Ideation with ChatGPT
  • And Much More


If you are someone who:

  • is having an E-Commerce store and wants to generate more profitable sales at low cost.
  • is having a Mobile app/game and wants purchases, conversions or installs on it.
  • has an Offline store and wants to promote it online for valuable sales, leads, enquiries and awareness.
  • is having a business Website and want to generate more profitable leads or valuable relevant traffic on it.
  • is an Affiliate Marketer and wants an account suspension solution and good sales revenue as well.
  • is a Content Creator and wants engagement on your content.
  • is a Freelancer and willing to reach out to more new clients or businesses.
  • is an Educator or Teacher and wants to sell your best courses or services.
  • is a Business owner or an Entrepreneur and wants to boost up sales, enquiries, leads or conversions.
  • want to become an expert Digital Marketer and learn Google Ads more Professionally.

           Then this Advanced Google Ads Course Training will definitely help you figure How to execute perfect and successful campaigns on Google Ads.


          It comes from a practitioner – someone who has already generated great conversions through Google Ads and effectively over years, spent over two and half crore rupees on it and having the best experiences to share.

It will give you the best knowledge to deal with different mistakes which beginners make and understand the Google Ads Algorithm.

           Revealed Google Ads Untold Secrets and Experience – that will definitely absolutely help you to defeat the competition and rank your campaign very easily.

          It is original content – you won’t find this in any book or in any video. It is the stuff that they will share from their personal journey, most of which has never been shared before on the internet too.

        This course will teach you How to automate your business with ChatGPT and How you can effectively utilize ChatGPT in Google Ads?

Key Features of This Course 

  • Introduction & Setup
  1. Why should you prefer Google Ads?
  2. Potential of Google Ads
  3. Setup Proper Account
  4. Billing and Taxes Setup
  • Types of Ads
  1. Search, Display, Shopping, App Install, Video and Discovery Ads
  2. How these ads look like?
  3. Examples of these ads
  4. Keyword & Match Type
  • What is the keyword?
  1. Match Type and Its Importance
  2. Proper Keywords Research

Terms & Conversion

  1. Usual and Popular Terms of Google Ads like CPC, CPA etc.
  2. What is Conversion?
  3. How to set up Conversion Tracking?
  • Campaign Setup #1
  1. Search Campaign and Quality Score
  2. Display Campaign and Placements
  3. Video Campaign and YT Channel Linking
  4. Shopping Campaign and Google Merchant Center Setup
  • Campaign Setup #2
  1. App Install Campaign and Deep Linking
  2. Discovery Campaign and It’s Reality
  3. Smart Campaign, is it really smart?
  4. Performance Max Campaign
  • Out of the Box
  1. Run a successful Campaign for 3rd Party App Install (Without Play Store/App Store)
  2. Campaign for Suspicious/Restricted Websites
  3. Bidding Secrets
  4. Campaign Optimization
  5. Advertiser Verification
  • Tools
  1. Auction Insights and it’s Analysis
  2. Audience targeting and How to create Custom Audience?
  3. Remarketing Strategy
  • Strategies
  1. Best Strategies for different campaigns
  2. Killer Campaign Strategy
  3. Destroy competition and grab results from day one?
  • Account Suspension
  1. How to keep an Ads account safe?
  2. How to reactivate a suspended account within 24 hours?
  • Secrets and Hacks
  1. Secrets to create a professional campaign
  2. How to bypass Google Ads?
  3. Maximum Conversions at Minimum CPC
  • ChatGPT
  1. Automation of business with ChatGPT.
  2. Marketing Assets, Tools, Content Ideation, Keyword Research and Much More.

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