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#No 1 Online Digital Marketing Training In India

Top Facebook Ads Training Institute in Rajkot

Devweb Technology is a famous name for Best Facebook Ads Training Institute in Rajkot. This Facebook advertising training course is designed in a way to help people to learn all the fundamentals as well as the most important advanced Facebook marketing skills, including campaigns from which we can be able to achieve the highest ROI for the business.

          You will learn how to plan a successful Facebook advertising campaign, how to identify the relevant target audience, set up your first campaign and create various ads which will help to generate business like never before. At Devweb Technology, our Facebook marketing consultant will personally show you and guide you about how to get the best buck for the money spent on Facebook. You will learn how to monitor all campaigns using software, Facebook data analysis tools and also get first-hand insights about the campaigns which you will create.

       The goal of a Facebook advertising campaign is to get maximum ROI or sales revenue with less spending. A/B testing is the important key to maximising your ROI. You will learn how to do good A/B testing. Our expert on the subject will explain how that will be done and show you some examples of how we’ve done it for our existing clients at Devweb Technology.

         This Advanced Facebook marketing training course in Rajkot is a technical session, so we assume that you will have a fundamental understanding and interns about Facebook.

Who is this Facebook Advertising course for?

          For business professionals, digital marketers who want to gain more knowledge about Facebook advertising, SEO consultants who are willing to become Facebook marketing consultants and anyone who wishes to learn the best skills for Facebook marketing and want to become a Facebook advertising consultant in 2023.

What will be covered in these online Facebook ads training courses?

  • How to structure a Facebook advertising campaign.
  • How to identify the advert structure
  • Planning and preparing a campaign checklist
  • Full in-depth explanation on Facebook ads manager and how you can be able to create it when doing clients consultancy
  • What is a Facebook page and why you need to create a Facebook page with the right branding
  • Why branded pages perform better
  • What is Facebook Pixel and how to use it accurately?
  • How to implement Facebook pixels on a website
  • Facebook targeted marketing techniques
  • Audience Narrow Down Systems for Campaigns
  • Split (A/B) testing and why it’s very importance to improve the performance of your ads campaigns
  • How to monitor your Facebook ads campaigns
  • Measuring the return on invest
  • How to use trackable URLs
  • Complete Lead Generation pipeline setup
  • Facebook Analytics – getting into deep data
  • Ad Delivery Insights and how to utilise data

An introduction to Facebook and Instagram ads

  1. Making a business case for using ads
  2. Finding many different ways ads are targeted at you
  3. Building a priority list of audiences for targeting (that probably don’t include the people you are currently targeting!)
  4. A step-by-step complete guidance to create an ads campaign in the combined Ads Manager
  5. Examples of highly converting ads
  6. A look at more unusual ad types

Ads Manager tricks and tips

      A live tour of Ads Manager and how to create a campaign in real time

Tips on:

  • Ensuring your ads aren’t accidentally live
  • Duplicating campaigns, ad sets and ads with ease
  • Complying with the 20% text rule
  • What you should do instead of Page Like ads
  • Using rules to automate campaign tweaking
  • Tracking effectiveness with utm and url parameters
  • A little and latest trick to get connected with new fans as an extra benefit from your ads campaign
  • Understanding about good placements – which to accept and which to avoid
  • Discovering and prioritising warm audiences

How and why to target ads to:

  • Website visitors
  • Your mailing list
  • Your existing customer base
  • People who have already interacted with your ad and found it more interesting, a video or recently been active in your Facebook Page
  • Lookalikes of people who already have been purchase from you
  • Ad targeting: demographics, interests, behaviours and more

An introduction to the Facebook pixel and what it does

  • Why you need the pixel installed on your website
  • Using the pixel for retargeting
  • How to install the pixel
  • Troubleshooting when the pixel isn’t working
  • Getting started with Messenger ads

The three types of Messenger ads

  • Step-by-step guide to creating a Messenger ad
  • Case study on effective usage of Facebook Messenger as an ads destination
  • Reporting

Measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns

  • Live visit of your Ads Manager for monitoring and improving your ads and making it impactful
  • The Facebook Ads mobile app

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