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#No 1 Online Digital Marketing Training In India

SEO Training in Rajkot

Devweb Technology provides the cthat has a personal tutor to guide you for learning SEO. The training is personalised with one-on-one sessions, you can learn SEO online at your convenience. We will guide you precisely on what you really need to learn.

     This online SEO training includes a perfect blend of theory and working on live projects that let you gain your theory knowledge with practical implementation. Every lecture of this top online SEO training institute ends with a practical assignment that lets you improve your learning with implementation.

      You can also create practical skills that you can apply to digital marketing or content development, including on-page SEO, optimising for local and international audiences, managing website audits, and SEO Alignment with Overall Business Strategies. If you want to learn advanced search engine optimization course,you must visit advanced search engine optimization training academy,Devweb Technology.

Our Expert Faculties

      Devweb Technology is the best SEO training agency in rajkot. A team of experienced expert faculties at Devweb Technology come with years of experience in teaching and mentoring students with expertise over SEO learning. Each experienced trainer will be assigned to you who will guide you through every step for creating a successful SEO On Website.

Work On Live Project

        Devweb Technology is a top seo training company, here we will provide you live projects and guide you on how to work on that. From practising and working on live projects, you will become a good trained SEO Marketer. 

Course Introduction

        SEO training content can cover a wide range of topics related to online search engine optimization course. Here’s a general outline of what you might find in an SEO training course:

1. Introduction to SEO:

  • Providing information on what SEO is and its importance..
  • Differentiating between organic and paid search results.
  • Explaining the role of search engines in website observability.

2. Keyword Research:

  • Importance of keyword research in SEO.
  • Tools and techniques for finding relevant keywords.
  • Long-tail keywords and their significance.
  • Competition analysis and keyword difficulty.

3. On-Page Optimization:

  • Title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags.
  • Optimising content for target keywords.
  • Image optimization and alt tags.
  • Internal linking and site structure.

4. Technical SEO:

  • Understanding website crawlability and indexability.
  • XML sitemaps and robots.txt files.
  • Canonicalization and URL structure.
  • Page speed optimization and mobile-friendliness.

5. Content Creation and Optimization:

  • Creating high-quality, relevant, and engaging content.
  • Understanding user intent and aligning content with it.
  • Avoiding duplicate content and keyword stuffing.

6. Off-Page SEO:

  • Backlink building strategies and importance.
  • Identifying authoritative and relevant sources for backlinks.
  • Social media signals and their impact on SEO.

7. Local SEO:

  • Optimising for local search results.
  • Creating and optimising Google My Business listings.
  • NAP consistency (Name, Address, Phone) across platforms.

Remember, the field of SEO is constantly evolving, so staying updated with the latest trends and changes is essential for effective optimization. When choosing an online SEO training course, look for reputable platforms or instructors with a proven track record in the industry.

SEO Course in Rajkot

         Devweb Technology is Rajkot, India based best SEO Course training company. We aim to grow small, medium and large businesses with our new effective and trendy best online SEO services. SEO is the fresh and effective marketing method which promotes your business or company locally and globally.

       With all that, an advanced SEO course helps you to expertise in the improvement in the traffic volume, quality of the website.To get all the knowledge and ideas about it, you can get in touch with us, Devweb Technology, a top SEO course providing company in Rajkot. By coming to us, you can learn various things here, and all is about how the SEO works on the website. Apart from that, we will give you training about how to make the SEO better so that it will rank high in search results.

        To learn all these things and to get into the best SEO services company, you can come to us. Here you can get a complete guidance on SEO and also get a chance to work on a live project. With this you can implement your knowledge.

          Discover the ultimate SEO training in Rajkot at Devweb Technology! Our advanced SEO course and classes in Rajkot are designed to help you to become an expert on the latest search engine optimization techniques and strategies. If you’re a beginner in SEO or looking to improve your existing skills, our SEO course is perfect for you. With our excellent curriculum, which includes On-Page SEO Training , Off-Page SEO Training, Local SEO Training, and Technical SEO Training, you’ll be well-trained to take on any challenges of digital marketing.

           As one of the leading SEO agencies in Rajkot, we provide online SEO courses in Hindi, Gujarati and English along with a 100% job placement guarantee. Join and enrol in our advanced SEO course program today and start your career in a trendy field of digital marketing. Contact us for the best SEO online training with certification in Rajkot!

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