Affiliate Marketing Course in Rajkot India

Learn affiliate influencer management and content creation from top industry experts. Apply now to start a Social Media career with 15 days online course. Job Oriented social media course. we offer multiple affiliate Marketing courses customized to your learning goals. Choose from online, offline course, live formats.

Affiliate Marketing

10+ In-depth modules covered in the Affiliate Marketing Course such as Affiliate page, Affiliate group and Affiliate paid marketing and many other.


100% Job Oriented Course

Total 10+ Modules – In-depth, Advanced and Practical

A Sneak peek of our certification courses in Affiliate Marketing Training & Advertising.

Affiliate Basics

Introduction to Affiliate
Defining the Ultimate Goals
Marketing Strategy

Profile Creation

Create a Profile
Banner and Images
Profile Settings

Audience Selection


Social Media in Business

Major Do’s and Don’ts
Ground Rules
Site by Site Training

Increase Reach and Likes

Post Generation Ideas
Competitor Analysis
Scheduling Post with Automated Tools

Paid Marketing

Select Audience
Set Budget
Create Ads

Measure Performance

Reach, Likes, Comments
Days and Time

Manage Your Work

Strategy Creation
Process Creation
Monthly Reports Submission

Video Creation

Affiliate video creation uses visual compositions to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography, imagery, color and form

Affiliate Marketing Training Programs

Best Affiliate advertising course online for business, Affiliate Ads Training in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Experienced trainers & customized learning module. Online & Offline Affiliate Marketing Course - Want to learn Affiliate Ads Marketing join Devweb Technology & get Facebook Ads & Marketing certificate.

Become A Certified Professional

Affiliate marketing course & certification can be valuable for the advancement of your career in Affiliate marketing. When you are certified in Affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Ads Course Syllabus

This Online Affiliate Marketing Marketing Course syllabus includes social media tips from the experts and gradually progresses towards advanced topics including Affiliate Marketing Remarketing and Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel.

  • Basic idea about domain and hosting
  • Brief idea about WordPress
  • In-depth idea about WordPress themes and plugins
  • Idea about Header, Footer, Menu, Category, Tag and widget management
  • Proper way of user creation and management
  • What is Affiliate Marketing, the initial concept of Affiliate Marketing
  • Why we will choose affiliate marketing
  • Begin Making Money As An Affiliate Marketer. Getting started with step by step guideline.
  • How You will Choose An Affiliate Marketing Hub? The most current issues you need to consider.
  • Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes. A case study focusing the most Affiliate Marketing Mistakes.
  • How Much An Affiliate Marketer Earns?
  • What The Startup Costs Are, An Estimated idea considering all the setting up costs to get started.
  •  What is CPA and CPA marketing? The beginners’ guide to get started.
  • Most Considerable Issues which will inspire you to choose CPA as a profession.
  • Classifying the types of CPA according to its category.
  • Focusing the most common and well established CPA Networks who are already dominating.
  • Choosing the best CPA offers to promote, the easiest and quickest way to turn around.
  • All about CPA networks and best options
  • CPA Payment withdrawal methods
  • Strategy for CPA marketing
  • How Much Do CPA marketer Earn?
  • Why so many CPA marketers failed
  • No.1 fear in CPA marketing
  • An introduction to PPC
  • Importance of keywords for your campaign success
  • Earning proof of effective CPA marketing
  • The idea on Global Rate Per Click.
  • How to get free traffic Importance of database building Analyzing Visitor Stats Staying away from Affiliate Marketing scams
  • Why will Affiliate Marketing be always be around ! Types of Affiliate programs. Comparison between two-tier and residual affiliate programs. Comparison of affiliate with other digital advertising tactics

  • PPC and Affiliate Marketing How to set-up campaigns and manage them Google Adwords iFAQ (Infrequently Asked Questions) How to leverage Arbitrage Marketing
  • How Content = Traffic = Monetise Route to success. How to use the Pre-selling tactic Potential Monetisation models for the site
  • When should you choose affiliate networks? Should you outsource this function? What are ways to Market your Affiliate Program How to motivating affiliates & On Going Costs

  • Tools to Analyse Analytic & Ad manager What to Analyse (eCPM Vs Revenue)Measuring Performance Goal Settings & Bidding

Getting Started With Affiliate 15 Days for Beginner

We recommend this course if you want to learn how to use and set up your own Affiliate advertising campaigns to market your business.
Practical Approach
We will be giving you an opportunity to work on live projects during the training This will help in boosting up your confidence level and will also give you Practical Exposure.
Training Material
Well organized spreadsheets and videos of the lectures will be provided to you during training so that you can have adequate resources for your practice and future needs.
Job Guarantee
This training will make you Job Ready because you will be having a good command on Digital Marketing and you will be able to promote your website online.
Create Your Own Website and Promote
We will be giving you an opportunity to work on live projects during the training This will help in boosting up your confidence level and will also give you Practical Exposure.
Interview Preparation
Our mentors will guide you on everything regarding how to crack an interview. Their guidance and expertise will make you interview-ready so that you can make a bright future.
You can access anytime (24X7) our course materials, videos, and other training resources to boost up your SEO and digital marketing knowledge.

Become A Affiliate Certified Professional

We offer a chunk of certificates including Affiliate Marketing, Devweb Technology certificates to make you ready for job and increment.

  • Live Project Training
  • 1 to 1 Teaching
  • Job Oriented Training
  • Certfication Programm
  • Resume & Interview Training


Find answers to all the FAQs regarding Affiliate course and clear your doubt.

Proideators and Affiliate will jointly offer the certification

While pre-recorded sessions help the participants control the session. They can watch, rewind, and fast-forward as needed. Sessions that can be viewed more than once. Devoting class time to application of concepts gives the trainer a better opportunity to discuss real business cases and group projects, thus encouraging participants to learn from each other.
Yes, our course will enable you to do that. You can appear and clear all 3 Blueprint Certifications post completion of the course.

I have trained students who are coming from various streams like engineering, commerce, science, arts, etc. There are also cases when trainee is undergraduate but still have achieved excellent growth in Affiliate Marketing